A Necessary Title Change

As I go through these movements from country to country, job to job, I feel like small things in my life need to be just as flexible. The title of my blog fit where I was last year. Ethiopia. But that’s not where I am anymore. Not that I’ve forgotten where I was, but I am aware that I’m not in that place any longer and my life is made up of new things that it wasn’t made up of before.

My posts wil now be mere thoughts that pass through my head and the conversations that make me think, feel and act in new ways. Life is faster now that I’m back in the US. Sometimes too fast. And I don’t want to miss the things that are meaninful on a daily basis. So this new blog will be an attempt to remember all of those things.

Happy reading. I’ll be trying to write frequently now that I have an internet connection faster than dial-up.




9 Responses to A Necessary Title Change

  1. Bethany Krumm says:

    Glad you started again!

  2. laureninethiopia says:

    Me too! Welcome back dude. And, I loved your comment 🙂

  3. klstrovas says:

    You are a great writer, glad you are back at it. Hope you continue to find your way as you adjust to such a huge change of coming home.

  4. joseph says:

    processing is good.

  5. goldfearsnofire says:

    Yay! I am excited to hear your thoughts on the everyday…

    P.S. I went to Ethiopian food last week, and it was amazing.

  6. goldfearsnofire says:

    Oh shooot, ididn’t realize I was logged in as Drew, but this is Nason! Miss ya!

  7. mrscox says:

    Yay I’m glad you’re back, always an entertaining read!

  8. Bethany Krumm says:

    “Along the Way” has nothing happened along your way since October?

  9. Linda Parisi says:

    I agree with Bethany. Love your writing and looking forward to the next Blog….

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