Uhren & Schmuck

19 July 2008

Written 7/18/2008

Well…it’s been a long day here in Switzerland. We got in yesterday evening and spent a few hours in Zurich just seeing the city and enjoying it’s incredible cleanliness…something Addis isn’t known for! Last night we spent the night at a cozy home in Ruperswil where our friend Carolyn lives. Today we went back to Zurich to pick up three friends at the train station. It’s sort of a mini pre-reunion before going home. It’s been amazing thus far. We took a walk through a park by Lake Zurich and fell asleep in the grass. The girls left Nick and I to sleep while they went on a shopping spree. Then Nick and I thought it perfect to take a dip in the lake…cold, but satisfying. Especially since we were in broad daylight, in public…and in our underwear. So liberating!

That’s all for now…I’ve gotta run to enjoy a drink with my friends!