10 on 10…

Written 6/10/2008

Hey all! It’s been a pretty uneventful last few days since my previous post. So I fugured I’d try out this 10 on 10 thing. I guess it’s where on the 10th of the month, you post 10 pictures from your day. Well…nothing cool at all happened today so I thought I would just put up 10 photos that you should have seen by now, but didn’t have the internet capabilities to do so. So…here they are!

Well…that took a lot of time and now I’m tired. So I’m going to head home. But I hope you are all doing well and that you enjoyed these few pictures. If you have any questions about them, write a comment and I’ll answer it in my next post.

Talk to you all soon!


PS- I realize there are 13 pictures…I just couldn’t do 10!


3 Responses to 10 on 10…

  1. Linda Parisi says:

    Josh, I love the pictures. Thank you for taking the extra extra time to post them. I love your picture the best, but it makes me want you home all the more. I know, I am selfish. I am very sad for the people (children) of Ethiopia when you leave. I know they have been blessed by all of you. We are counting the days. Love you more than you can count, MOM

  2. Dave Parisi says:

    Hey Josh,

    Thanks for the pictures. Amazing and Crazy stuff. I greatly look forward to your return. Stay healthy Mr. Tuggle and may you be blessed with safe travels.

    Please say hi to Bethany, Maren, and Sarah.


  3. Laura says:

    COOOOOME HOOOME for goodness sake. I’m sick of this. That’s all.

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