Not the Clear Wrapper and Hyenas on Wednesday

Written on 6/2/2008

It’s been a little bit since I wrote last and unfortunately, this is going to be short.

The last week has been pretty uneventful. Most of that uneventfulness was due to the fact that I didn’t leave my bedroom from Monday night to Thursday night. After a wonderful dinner of fajitas on homemade tortillas, I went out with a couple Ethiopian friends and played some Fifa Soccer 2006 on PlayStation 2. There is a little shack near our house that has a tv and a PlayStation 2 and it only costs 1 Birr per game. Steal of a deal if you ask me. I’m still not very good. But I’ve only played twice. Anyway, in the middle of the second half of our last game. My stomach started rumbling. Tie game…we went to extra time. By this time, my stomach was about ready to burst. But I can’t leave…we were going to PKs to finish the game. I lost 3-2, but that was the least of my concerns. I walked quickly home, said our goodnights and sprinted…carefully…into the house. What came next doesn’t need to be talked about. But I will say that there was some major flooding out of the attic and the basement. Then I became bed ridden. So…what was the cause of this instantaneous disturbance? Just a couple days before, the c-store was all out of the normal silver-wrapped butter that we normally buy. Addis, the store owner, assured Bethany that the clear wrapper was the exact same butter. And he was right, it is the exact same butter…except for one small oh-so-minor difference…it was unpasteurized.  Big mistake. Let’s just say we won’t be buying that kind of butter anymore.

The weekend was pretty normal and I just caught up on a lot of needed social time that I missed throughout the week. Sunday night, I went to the airport and picked up a couple American friends that are staying at our house for a few days before they start traveling. Alisa and Tessa have been traveling for the last four months. They began in Eugene, Oregon, made their way through Central America, then three countries in South America, over to England, down to South Africa for the last two months, and now they’re here in Ethiopia. It’s been fun to have them the last couple days.

Tonight we’re going out to dinner with four of our American friends. Damon, who I have been doing a bible study with for the last six months, his wife Heidi, another friend Justin and his wife Alison. If you read the post about Bethany and I babysitting Dasia…that’s Damon and Heidi’s daughter. Justin and Alison are also a part of our house church and have a brand new baby girl named Lilly. We’re excited because the four of them are a ton of fun.

Tomorrow morning, we head out at about 5am to make the nine hour drive to an eastern city called Harar. It is an incredibly old, walled city. Predominately Muslim, we will be seeing some amazing mosques and just taking in the sights. On Wednesday night, we will be interacting with someone who has been given the name, “The Hyena Man.” I’ll let you know how that goes later. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Then it’s back to Addis on Thursday. Just a short little vacation to get out of the city.

So I’ll be writing shortly after that to let you know how it goes.

Talk to you soon!

Picky About Butter,


2 Responses to Not the Clear Wrapper and Hyenas on Wednesday

  1. David Parisi says:

    Hi Josh,

    How thin are you these days? In the picture DVD you sent us, (which was awesome), you were looking thin then. Are you thinner now or the same?

    With all of your bouts of dysentery, I am not sure how you could keep weight on.

    Hang in there brother!

    Love ,

  2. laureninethiopia says:

    SOOOO jealous that you guys are making it out to Harar! I hope that you have an awesome experience there and I can’t wait to hear about the hyena man.

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