The Whiners Win It and Jarrett Was There to See It

Written on 5/11/2008

So I think I forgot to mention that last weekend, Maren and Sarah’s brother, Jarrett, flew in to Addis and is staying with us for three weeks. Jarrett is a pretty great guy and we actually lived on the same floor in college my sophomore (his freshman) year. It’s been nice having another guy around the house. The other night, I heard the phrase, “I agree with Josh” for the first time in about nine months…it’s a refreshing feeling to have someone around that realizes that I’m right. In all honesty, it’s just nice to have a guy around to relate with in a guy way…refer to sports history and have them know what I’m talking about and just be guys…not that girls are bad, just different.

Anyway, tonight was the last round of games for the English Premier League. Going into the game, Chelsea and Manchester United were tied in points and would decide the title with the outcome of each of their games. Chelsea was at home against Bolton and came up with a sad looking draw and lost their captain and central defender, John Terry, to a broken arm in the first five minutes of the game. The outcome of their game had no bearing on the outcome of the league given the fact that Manchester United came up with a 2-0 victory away to Wigan. The game was a little questionably called by the referee (missed an obvious handball in the box on Man U and then gave a weak penalty to them on the other end, thus putting Man U up 1-0 and taking the wind out of Wigan’s sails) and Wigan sort of fell apart in the second half. They had plenty of chances to put it in the goal, but never made it happen. So…not only did Arsenal not come through this season, the Manchester Whiners took the cup. Here’s the deal…I know that they have a bunch of good players. Actually, they have a bunch of really good players. Christiano Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world, but even still, his potential is wasted on flopping and whining. He had 31 goals this season, the most in the league by any one player. But in all reality, if he stuck with his runs, sucked it up a bit, stopped whining and looking for calls, and stayed on his feet, he could have probably 50 goals! I can’t stand players that think they are so good that they should just be handed calls whenever they think they should get one. That’s not what sports are about. Suck it up. Play the game. Let the ref be the ref and you be the player. Just because you’re a pretty-boy, Portuguese all-star who scores a lot of goals, doesn’t mean you should be treated any differently on the field.

Okay…I’m done with my rant…I just need to get that off my chest. Anyway, Jarrett came with Bethany, Maren and I to watch the game. He was pretty impressed at the amount of people they could cram in a tiny room and how much the Ethiopians are into British soccer.

Blessing of the night…we got a taxi all the way from downtown back to our home. That might not sound like much to you, but to us it’s the most relieving feeling in our humble normally slow-paced lives here in Ethiopia. Sometimes getting a taxi at night is more like 50 lions fighting to get a bite of one rabbit…except with people trying to steal everything out of your pockets at the same time. So it was a great feeling.

It’s about 9:00 now, so I should get to bed soon. Wow…with that bedtime, all I would have to do is start hitting up the 4pm Denny’s dinner special and I’d be a senior citizen. I guess life’s just different here in Ethiopia.

As I sleep, all you stateside folks have a great day, and those of you closer to my time zone, sleep well.

Ready for the week,


One Response to The Whiners Win It and Jarrett Was There to See It

  1. Dave Parsi says:

    H Josh,

    O.K. I seem to remember a young basketball player spending a lot of time on the floor. Just kidding. It’s the drama that makes it so exciting. Or not.

    I love you and miss you very much.


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