Written on 2/18/2008

This is a post I wrote the day before we were leaving on our vacation to the north, but do to the poor dial-up connection at the café I was using, I guess it never got posted. So here it is…

Ethiopians for Eli
Written on 2/4/2008

Well, I don’t know that anyone in Ethiopia who isn’t from the U.S. has any idea who Eli Manning, but they should. If they can virtually worship a sissy like Christiano Ronaldo who refuses to walk onto the pitch without his hair gelled, then they should be governmentally required to have an understanding of what it means to put together a 2 minute drive in the last minutes of the Super Bowl that would consequently win the game and place the best team in all of football in the seat of defeat. I am planning on implementing this educational caveat at the school where I work at the beginning of the next semester. I hope it takes.

I am a little tired as I type here in a cafe near Addis Ababa’s ever popular Bole Rd. I woke up this morning at 2am to walk about a mile in the pitch black night watch a live broadcast of Super Bowl XLII on ESPN International. My friend Damon, his wife Heidi, their 2 year-old daughter Dasia, Bethany, and I went over to the house of a guy Damon knew and had a mini Super Bowl party with chips, queso dip, and coffee (it was tough to start the engines after only 2 hours of sleep). It was pretty incredible and we were glad we watched it. But I am now reaping the consequences of my actions and am predicting an 8pm bedtime tonight.

Tomorrow, we head out early to begin our nine-day vacation to the Northern regions of Ethiopia. Our destinations include, Axum, Lalibela, the Simien Mountains, Gonder, Barhir Dar, and the Blue Nile Falls. Axum is known for it’s massive single rock obelisk that stands over 100 feet tall and is over a thousand years old. Lalibella is home to hundreds of rock-hewn churches that lie within the earth. They have existed for more than 1500 years and were built to resist persecution during Muslim invasions. Gonder is known for its castles and Barhir Dar is home to the Blue Nile falls. Quick fact, the Blue Nile Falls make up 80% of the source waters for the Nile River. Pretty interesting, eh?  I’m excited for the trip and can’t wait to see such incredible history first hand.  Pray for safe travel through all the mountain ranges.

In other news, Arsenal FC is back atop the leader board as they not only massacred Westham United 3-0, but also the pretty boy, whom I mentioned earlier, and his Manchester United squad dropped two crucial points in a sad draw to Tottenham. With Emmanuel Addebayor’s scoring habit and the artsy passing game of the Arsenal back four and midfielders, they look poised to continue their winning ways here in the near future. The test will come however, when they face their nemeses Man. U in the fifth round of the FA Cup (Feb. 16) and then the incredible AC Milan in the next round of the UEFA Champions league (Feb. 20). Thankfully neither will influence the Premier League standings.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you all are continuing to do well in life and aren’t slacking on your New Year’s resolutions.

So…that was a blast from the past. Hope you enjoyed. Miss you all a ton and can’t wait to hear from you.

Posting almost daily.


One Response to Oops!!!

  1. Ed Smyth says:

    Good to read your post, Tug. I do miss you and try to get around to various blogs from time to time and it always brings joy to my heart to see everyone learning and experiencing so much.

    Know that you are are prayed for regularly and that God will continue to teach and lead and protect you in all ways.


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