Written 4/17/2008

Today, Bethany and I went to the store to pick up some essential groceries for the house. That’s my chore for the week, but I don’t make lists very well, so Bethany helps. We got top ramen from Dubai, green peppers ($1.50/lb), goat milk yoghurt, cheese, Raid “All Insect” killer, couscous, and Poppy’s (Ethiopian version of Smacks…amazing). Why was this a successful adventure? No…not because we got these groceries. That happens often enough to call it normal. The reason this venture was successful was becuause Bethany had the bright idea of asking the other white person (whom she sort of recognized) if they could give us a ride since our house was in the same neighborhood as hers. She obliged and we were on our way! This may not seem to be such a big deal to you, but to us, getting on two different minibuses with armloads of groceries and backpacks is not our idea of a fun afternoon. Simple pleasures. That’s what life is all about here in Addis.

Hope you all are well. It’s almost my bedtime. Gotta catch a taxi!

Accomplished in Life,



One Response to Success!

  1. laureninethiopia says:

    Wow. This brings back memories of shlepping groceries all across Addis. So glad you were able to score a ride. Were you guys at Novis? Bambis? Fantu? Was the ride by Jess perhaps?! If you ever see her, please say hey for me!

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