Amoeba Tag…I’m It!

Written on 4/10/2008

Since Jon left on Saturday night, this is what has happened on each day.

Sunday: Went to church. Started feeling sick. Went to a party. Excused myself every 25 minutes to use the restroom. That night, made 8 more visits to the bathroom before midnight.

Monday: Laid in bed ALL DAY! Visited the restroom 15 more times.

Tuesday: Laid in bed ALL DAY! Watched 3 movies.

Wednesday: Felt fine in the morning. Went to a café with Bethany. Started feeling sick. Went home. Slept for an hour. Laid in bed for the rest of the day. I’ll expand on Wednesday.

In elementary school, I played about 100 different tag games in PE? Freeze tag, blob tag, stoplight tag, line tag, buddy tag, regular tag, and last but not least, amoeba tag. Let’s highlight one of those. Amoeba tag. When you get tagged by the person who is “it,” you stand in one place and when people come near you, you tag them and they become “infected” and have to do the same until everyone else is “infected” too. Then everyone is just standing still and the game is over. Then you play again! Yay! What fun! Well…this is just about the perfect metaphor for my life. I would get sick, feel better for a week, get sick again, get better again, over and over and over again, find out that I might have giardia, take medication to get rid of it, get rid of it, get sick again on Sunday, lay in bed for two days, then find out from my friend who’s a nurse practitioner that I definitely have an amoeba! What?! An amoeba? First of all, what is that? Second, how do I get rid of it so I never have it again in my life?

Well, I don’t know the answer to the first question. But to the second question, apparently the answer is, bring a stool sample to the clinic, get it tested to see which amoeba I have and then take the proper medication to kill it. Sounds easy enough.

Thursday: Still laying in bed, eating food, drinking coffee until I can “produce” a sample. Why is it that I can “produce” 20 times in a day and hate it the whole time, but when I absolutely need to “produce,” I can’t do it to save my life?! It’s now 11am and I still haven’t had any luck, but God willing, it’ll come.

Talk to you again when the saga is over.

Plugged and not happy about it,


One Response to Amoeba Tag…I’m It!

  1. Dave Parisi says:

    Hey Josh,

    Again, my concern for your health continues to grow.

    I hope you continue to pursue treatment.


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