Dear Africa…

Written 1/12/2008


For the last week, I’ve not left my bed. I came down with some sort of sinus issue, just like I do in the states four times a year, but for some reason I couldn’t shake it. It turned into what I think was more like bronchitis. I had no energy, couldn’t stop coughing and wheezing, couldn’t concentrate enough to read, and I couldn’t take a shower because our water got shut off again. Luckily I had some antibiotics from the states that my nurse friend Heidi advised me to take. That seems to have helped a little and today was my first full day out of the house.


Needless to say, when I stepped out our front door this morning, I had almost forgot that I was in Africa… that is until I took a whiff of the hot Ethiopian air and got a solid smell of sewage in my nose. Bethany and I hopped on the mini-bus and went to Kaldi’s Coffee (an exact rip-off of Starbucks…look it up online. Starbucks tried to sue them) to write some letters to friends and family back home. It was a good low-key option for me and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. I was glad to get out of the house.


One thing I have learned in my time here is how much I appreciate not only being, but also having the opportunity to be, healthy. I have spent so much time being sick here that I now really know what it’s like to be constantly wondering what state I’ll be in when I wake up. It just hits you here, so on the days that I’m not sick, I thank the Lord and am actually appreciative for the chance to be healthy. It’s a different mindset to be in but I’m glad I have experienced it and have been given new perspective.


Dear Africa,


I learned my lesson. You don’t have to make me sick anymore. I appreciate my health. Thanks for teaching me. I don’t need to be sick anymore for the rest of the year. You’ve done your job well, but I think it’s time to move onto the next person.





4 Responses to Dear Africa…

  1. Kristen says:

    Joshua – I’m still reading the blog!!!! So glad to get an update on you and all your lives. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling rough lately – I know that sickness in Africa is not a fun deal – but I was pretty stoked (yes shocked, but stoked) to hear about the race – congrats! You all are in my prayers.

  2. Karissa Strovas says:

    Josh, I see your family every week and yes they are so very dear, they always share smiles with me and my kids. I happened to check your blog again recently and was happy to read your new posts. Wonderful to hear what God is doing in and through your life, blessings! – Karissa

  3. Dave Parisi says:

    Hi Josh,

    I am also still reading your blog. Thank you for the last two posts. I love your writing and I really enjoy reading about your life, your thoughts, and your achievements. I just wish we could be there to take care of you when you are so sick.

    Well Josh, we love you very much and pray for You, Bethany, Sara, and Maren everyday. Oh ya, keep on preaching!


  4. Jon says:

    Sorry you were sick for so dang long, but your comment about getting that sinus crap 4 times/year made me laugh because I definitely witnessed that last year!


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