Pickpockets and Bad Bloggers

I’ll keep it short.

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of posts in recent weeks. As things are settling here, life is feeling a bit more normal and the need to cope is becoming less and less. Regardless, much has been happening in the past weeks and days that needs to be shared, so please check back in the next couple days for a new series of posts.

Secondly, last night, our cell phone got pickpocketed! Thankfully, we bought a new phone just a week ago so that we could have two for the group. Don’t toss the old number because we are hoping to get it back, but in the meantime and for the future, here is our other number…


Hope you all are all doing well. You are missed.

Sorting out the experience of a second New Year,



2 Responses to Pickpockets and Bad Bloggers

  1. Karyn Brundige says:

    Congratulations to you and Bethany on two years. That’s wonderful 🙂 And happy belated birthday. I continue to read your postings and am touched by what you share. Thank you for helping us all to see the world through more compassionate, humble and grateful eyes. You all remain in my prayers. Karyn (from Children’s Hospital)

  2. Linda Parisi says:


    I am so grateful for you. So sorry to hear about the phone, but glad that you have another one. We all look forward to your next post.

    Love you,

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