Hello All!

 A couple days ago, I posted our new cell phone number and the only person that has called us is Patrick Engelhart and he lives in China. We were almost positive that our parents would be first, but we were wrong. We think that this is due to the glaring error made on our part. We put the wrong humber!

There are two key digits that you must dial in order for the number to be complete. They are included in the new number below. Try this one instead!


We would love to hear from anyone who would like to call.

Love to all and look for a post comingin the next day or so. I have it written already, but there have been some issues with the flash drive we’re using. That’s all for now.

Apologetic but Hopeful,



One Response to Correction!!!

  1. Grandma Edie says:

    Hi Josh
    I just printed off your latest blog. I will sit down and read it like I did the first one, with a cup of coffee. It was so interesting I could not quit reading until the end. You are a very good writer and actually very funny at times. Anyway I really enjoyed everything you wrote. Grandpa & I are both well. We are spending a lot of time working in our yard before winter sets in. We are also going trying to go to Jake and Alex’s soccer games. I love soccer. Alex has been playing very well. Jake is improving and is starting to be more agressive. He is on a dynamic team. Nick, Satina, Blake and new baby Tyson came over this weekend and we spent some time with them yesterday. Baby Tyson is adorable.
    It sure sounds like you are all very busy. That is probably a good thing, it keeps you from being homesick. I am going to go and buy an International calling card so I can call you. Your mom called me yesterday and she told me that we can buy one at Costco. So, hopefully we will call you soon.
    I will try and have Grandpa write you next time. Give our love to Bethany
    We love yu
    Grandma & Grandpa

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