Wanna Chat? Here’s our PHONE NUMBER!!!!!!

Written on 9/17/2007

 Hey Everyone!

 I’ve got some exciting news…we got a cell phone!!! Yes that’s right, you can now call us anytime you’d like…sort of. We are 10 hours ahead of Pacific Time so figure out when that is for you and you can call us in our evening. For example:

If you wanted to call us at 7pm our time just before we have dinner (kind of like a telemarketer, but we’d want tok talk to you) and you lived in say…Idaho, you would call us at 10am your time. Or if you lived in Seattle, you would call us at 9am your time. Make sense? I don’t see why not.

 Anyway, our number if dialing from the states is…


 I know, that’s a lot of numbers. I’m not sure what it costs to call us, but I know that you can get $5 Africa specific phone cards at some gas stations. Or you can fork over the cash and call from home. Your choice.

We would love to hear from anyone who would like to call us so feel free!

 Also, I feel like you should know our address…so here it is:

Joshua Tuggle (or Bethany Krumm, Sarah Mylander, Maren Mylander)

c/o: HOPE Enterprises

PO Box 30153

Addis Ababa,


That’s all for now, I’m working on my next post so keep checking. It should be a good one…maybe not as exciting as chickens getting their heads cut off, but great nonetheless.

 Thank you all so much for your continued, prayers, and support. It is great to see your comments after a hard week! Keep them coming. They are an incredible source of encouragement!

Hope things are well in the states and I’ll be posting soon!

 Watching the torrential downpour out the window and thinking of how Seattle isn’t actually rainy,



5 Responses to Wanna Chat? Here’s our PHONE NUMBER!!!!!!

  1. Linda Parisi says:


    I’m so glad to get the phone number. How often are you able to check your comments online? Today in Church, a girl named Kirsten was prayed over as she is planning on leaving for Cambodia. I didn’t get to speak to her, but when she was up front she said she was going to teach English, that Hope with World Concern was who she was going to be teaching for. It sounds like Hope Enterprises doesn’t it? We’ve had a busy week with school, AWANA, Bible Study, Mops, and a Candlelighters Auction, as well as fitting in work too. We managed it though. I’ve really had to stay on task and not deviate too much. Drew is continuing to take guitar lessons each week after school. We were in worship last Sunday and he was trying to figure out what cords the guitarist was playing. The prayer corner for Northshore will be praying for you guys. The pastors all prayed the week before last for safe and affordable housing, so now I have to give them a praise report. People keep asking me how I feel about you being so far away. I am so happy that you’re having this experience. I know that you all will grow so much, and in a positive way. I am envious in a lot of ways. I am so thankful that I have you for a son. I know that life is so unpredictable, but you really have so much going for you. You have so much to give these kids, so don’t be so afraid that you will let them down. Have faith in your abilities. You have every thing that you need, because God has provided you with so many gifts. All of you combined will be enough. Where one of you leaves off, the other will take over. Leave your worries in his hands. Because he loves you, he will take care of you. I am absolutely positive about that. Your writing has so much feeling in it, that if I close my eyes I am right there with you. Keep writing, because I so want to be there with you my dear son. Love you and missing you, Mom

  2. Karyn Brundige says:

    Josh, Your mom emailed me the link to your blog and I’ve been moved and inspired by your experiences and convictions. My heart and prayers are with you and the three sisters in Christ working with you there. I’ll keep checking in. Yours in Him, Karyn Brundige (Drew’s NP when he had ALL)

  3. Dave Parisi says:

    Hi Josh,

    I too, feel very close to you when I read your writings. It is so nice to hear what is going on in your life.

    We (as in Jack, Andrew, Mom, and Dave) will be calling you soon.

    Please let Bethany, Maren, and Sara know we are praying for you everday.

    May God carry you each step of the way.


  4. Paul & Candy Fritzler says:

    Josh, wonderful to hear from you and Bethany. I know the life style must be quite a change, but I’ve always found that if you try to make the situation a posistive learning experience, the time will pass much more quickly. Won’t help with the bug bites, but what the heck! It would be interesitng to hear about your accomodations, and the day to day way of life. I’m sure it would be very revealing for all of us, and it should cause us to stop and thank God for our blessings.

    Take care, Paul & Candy Fritlzer

  5. Whitey Firestone says:

    Hi, Josh Keep on bloging it make’s my heart sing reading your words God has blessed you in a very special way. I am very proud of you. I love you Whitey.

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