I Never Knew the Value of Testosterone

Written on 8/29/2007             I love the three girls I live with, don’t get me wrong. However, in the last few days, I have been realizing the value of my male friends at home. It’s not that I can’t handle living with three girls all the time, or even that I absolutely must have the company of men, but I know now why men were designed to be with their brothers in the Lord. I miss the fellowship of my brothers in Christ. I miss their words, their laughter, their humor, their roughness, their strong embrace, and their strong hearts. Travis, Jeff, Taylor, Jon, Chris, Patrick, Drew, Nick, Graf, Papé, Jake, Luke. You are missed. I eagerly await our next time spent with one another.             In the meantime, I have met two incredible men here in Ethiopia. The first day here, the two of them came from HOPE to pick us up at Elias’ house where we stayed after the airport fiasco. Their relationship is one to behold. Tefera and Mattheios are like the two kids born to two different families in the same cul-de-sac who grew up together as practically brothers. Their interactions imply a long history or at least a deeply rooted one. Mattheios is the pastor at HOPE and is a spiritual father to many in the community. I have likened him to an African, Christian, 48 year-old, Winnie the Pooh. His humble heart and gentle spirit are inescapable and without even noticing, one is captivated by his warm smile and effervescent personality. Tefera, although a bit younger at just 35 years old, deserves equally as many plaudits for his unending service and modest demeanor. His infectious smile puts a group at ease and urges those near to simply enjoy life. He works harder than he should, especially now that we are here, but never says a word about it. And if enough attention is paid, one will notice that he never crosses the oh-so delicate line between playful joking and hurtful sarcasm—a talent that many will never discover. They have been very close to us in past few days and have eased some of the tensions that come with beginning a new life. I thank God for the two of them. Appreciating the Differences,Joshua


One Response to I Never Knew the Value of Testosterone

  1. Matt Krumm says:

    Josh!… I hope that the e-mail found you well!!! I love the blog. I started from the bottom and I am reading my way up. I stopped with this entry and must say that testosterone is a good thing man… speaking of my Dad and I will be killing deer in about 4 weeks. Yes this is good. There is also a good chance of killing grouse in the mountains above Boise this weekend with Bonebrake. I tell you these things so that you can live vicariously through me 🙂 I do not envy the fact that you are living with three women. I live with two in college… that is to say that they lived in the basement apartment of Allen and my house. Even with seperate living quarters and two other guys in the main part of the house with me, we all still hated having 2 women in our basement (even with their own entrance). Anyhow, at least one of the women is your future wife (weird to say) and that would help things.

    Sending you a strong handshake, a puff of cigar smoke, and a punch in the arm!

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