A Double-Decker, One Last Cup, English Beef Pie, and Alexander the Great

Written 8/26/2007             After a long night of trying to sleep and failing miserably, I woke up and got ready to go the airport. We had plenty of time and we knew a double-decker bus that would take us directly to the central bus station at Heathrow, so we had no problems. Actually, we felt pretty confident in ourselves after finding our way around the city last night, so today was no big deal. When riding in the extra tall bus, I kept thinking we were going to hit things. The top of the bus comes really close to signs and traffic lights. Being on the top also sort of upsets the stomach a bit. Like when I eat double-decker tacos at Taco Bell, I guess. Strange similarity, but I think it works. Upon arrival at the airport, we had our last cup of coffee from Starbucks for the next eleven months. This didn’t really upset me, for two reasons. First, Starbucks coffee isn’t that great. I’ll miss shops like El Diablo, Café Ladro, Uptown, Café Vita, and Chocolati much more. Secondly, Ethiopia is the country that first invented coffee, or found its use rather. So I think they’ll have plenty of great coffee!The plane ride has been standard for what one can expect from any airline. Except for some reason, the food was surprisingly good. I had English style beef pie with green beans. About 20 minutes from touchdown, I can’t help but think of the significance of our layover city. We’ll only be in Alexandria, Egypt for 45 minutes, but to think that there are so many other Alexandrias around the world is kind of cool. Good job Alexander. Way to be great! I think. Content for the first time in a while,Joshua


One Response to A Double-Decker, One Last Cup, English Beef Pie, and Alexander the Great

  1. Jon says:

    ya right, you love Starbucks and will miss it with every ounce of your caffeine addicted body. But seriously, how is the coffee in Ethiopia?

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