Posts Coming Soon!

Hello Friends!

 I’m here in Ethiopia and am doin well!

 Computer access isn’t what we expected, so I will have to post multiple entries at a time. I’ll mark when they were actually written so there isn’t any confusion. But there will be about 4-6 posts that will come at a time. It’ll be a lot of thoughts at once, but please read! Thanks so much and you’ll hear from me soon!




One Response to Posts Coming Soon!

  1. Dan Glanville says:

    Tenestalene! You guys rock! Don’t let the lack of internet get you down… we will all be praying for you and i am sure we will eat up all that you are able to write. I am sure you are having a blast with the kids! Remember to serve each other really well and journal and taks lots of pics! Can’t wait to hear more about what God has been doing…

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